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The zCalc Tool Box Suite is now part of the ONESOURCE brand.

The Estate Planner module of ONESOURCE Trust & Estate Administration offers the analytical products and tools you depend on to create and present powerful tax and estate planning strategies. But now it offers improved integration and greater flexibility under a united brand.

The Estate Planner provides vivid reports and graphs for your clients so that you can:

  • Calculate different planning scenarios
  • Explain complex concepts in a relatively simple manner
  • Create customized client presentations

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Estate Planner module includes:

Tool Box

A set of spreadsheet-based models and calculators that analyze various tax and estate planning strategies. Authored by renowned estate planning experts, the Tool Box puts powerful estate planning strategies in an easy-to-use, yet robust format. It also includes the Estate Planner Function Library and the Tool Box Templates.

Function Library

An add-in to Microsoft Excel® the Function Library enables you to perform estate, retirement, charitable, financial, and tax planning calculations right inside your own spreadsheet. It installs over 100 custom functions that work just like Excel's built-in functions, such as PV, FV, and PMT.

Tool Box Templates

The Tool Box Templates are the same models and calculators contained in the Tool Box, but provided as regular Excel spreadsheet files/templates. These templates are unlocked and fully editable so that you can modify and customize them with the calculation power of the Estate Planner Function Library and the presentation power of Excel.


The presentation module includes a series of PowerPoint® slide shows covering a variety of estate and charitable planning topics including those strategies contained in the Tool Box. These slide shows can be used to present your services to clients, trade groups, or seminars.

All slide shows are formatted for a professional look and feel that will add credibility to you and your services.

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The Estate Planner module can be used as a standalone product.