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Serial Number Required to Install
A valid product serial number is required to install the setup files below. Your serial number will be emailed to you after you purchase / renew or request the demo.

Demo Users
The Demo versions use the same setup files below but with different serial numbers.

Estate Planner Setup Files

Estate Planner Tool Box Suite
This setup file includes (i) the zCalc Tool Box, (iii) the zCalc Function Library, and (iii) Presentations in one installation file.

Estate Planner Function Library
This setup file contains the zCalc Function Library separately. This setup file is also included in the zCalc Tool Box Suite and zCalc Tool Box setup files above.

Tool Box Templates - This item is not available to Demo users.
This setup file contains the Tool Box Templates, which are the zCalc Tool Box models as regular Excel spreadsheets. The zCalc Function Library must be installed in order to use these templates.

Function Library Manual - This item is not available to Demo users.
This setup file contains the documentation for all the functions contained in the zCalc Function Library. This same information is contained in the online Help system that gets installed with the zCalc Function Library.

Download and Installation Instructions
  1. Click on the product link above to download the desired zCalc setup file.
  2. Choose the "Save" option (do not choose "Open").
  3. Select where you wish to download the setup file (we recommend the Desktop). Make sure you remember this destination folder.
  4. After the download is complete, quit your Web browser.
  5. Double-click the newly downloaded file from the destination folder you specified above.
  6. Follow the instructions on your screen.

Excel 97 Users Must Have SR-2 or Later
If you are still an Excel 97 user, after you have installed zCalc, you may experience error messages when you open the zCalc Tool Box or even when you open Excel (the most common of which is "Runtime Error 429: ActiveX component can't create object"). Do not despair. These errors are usually the result of old Excel system files that need updating.

To resolve these errors, make sure you have the Excel 97 Service Release 2 (SR-2) or later. It is required in order to run zCalc successfully. To see whether you have SR-2 and to obtain the latest service releases from Microsoft go to: Excel 97 Service Releases. NOTE: Make sure you reboot your machine and reinstall zCalc after installing SR-2.