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Thomson Reuters Ranks number 12 on the 2009 Barron's 500 list.

It's always nice to be seen as good at what you do, right?

Well, when it comes to the strength of our business, we've just been recognized as one of the best around.

Thomson Reuters ranks number 12 in North America for its strong sales according to the "2009 Barron's 500" list of companies. The list of the most successful North American companies is compiled on the basis of a company's cash flow-based return on investment (ROI) and sales. Read on to find out what this says about our company...

Why is achieving a ranking of number 12 such a big deal?

Barron's 500 is widely regarded as highlighting companies who show strong management and good financial discipline, and achieving 12th in the list is something we all should be very proud of. It is a fantastic third party endorsement of our business and will be picked up on by many of our customers, investors and partners.

The list highlights how cash returns on investment are increasingly being recognized as the core value-creating metric, and this is something that we at Thomson Reuters focus on across our businesses and throughout our senior management team.

Tell me more about Barron's 500?

It's a list of the top 500 publicly listed companies in the U.S and Canada, compiled by Barron's – a subsidiary of the Wall Street Journal. The list ranks each business according to its return on investment and sales.

In its 2009 report Barron's said: "Great companies don't perform well only in good times. They also deliver when times are tough. And 2008 was about as tough as it's been in decades for the economy and the stock market. Yet the companies that landed at the top of the 11th annual Barron's 500 did a superb job of increasing sales and generating cash flow, even amid a global recession. Most have fortress-like balance sheets, too, and are renowned for conservative management."


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